Do you want to have family Bible study but lack the energy, time, or support?

Discover the 30 Lesson – Easy, No Prep, 15-minute Family Bible Study that will enable you to overcome sibling conflict and use God’s Word to build healthy relationships in your home!

Tired of your kids fighting ALL THE TIME?

Mom!! She hit me.  Mom! He is in my room.  Mom! She is calling me names.  Mom! She won’t share with me.  Mom! He isn’t doing his share of the chores.

The Sibling Rivalry Reset for a Peaceful Home

Do your kids treat others with more patience than they do their own siblings? Imagine a home where your kids more consistently treat each other with love and respect.  Discover how to equip your kids to easily apply the truths of the Bible to their relationships at home.   Peaceful Home = Happy Mama

Do you struggle to do Family Bible Study because...

You don't know how

This Bible study is designed for any parent to use. Both parents aren't needed either. You don't need to be a Bible expert to lead your kids in Bible study. Just download the study, open, and go!

Your Family is Busy

15 minutes - just 15 minutes. This study is designed to be used in just 15 minutes a day. You can complete a study or pick up the next day where you left off.

No Time to Prep

Just open on your phone and go. There are no materials to gather, no lesson to prep. Just grab a Bible or use the app on your phone. Then start asking the questions. It really is that easy! *This study is download only, so it is always with you!*

Imagine a home where your kids are studying the Bible and applying it in their lives!

Grow closer to God and each other as a family. You will grow more confident in your study of the Bible while your kids learn to study the Bible too.  Stop waiting for some day.  Today is the day. Make those obstacles to family Bible study disappear with one download. 

The Sibling Rivalry Reset - 15 minute Family Bible Study

Here's what's included:

Quick Start Guide

This simple outline for Family Bible study shows an easy method to use for any study. Easily formatted to stick in your Bible, you can use this outline for studying all passage of the Bible.

30 Lessons

There are 30 Bible study lessons. These lessons can be used in two main ways: one lesson a day or one lesson a week. Just depends on how talkative your kids are! The lessons are divided into 5 sets of 6. Perfect for 5 weeks or divide them out even longer.

5 Sets of Bible Memorization Verses

Hiding God's word in our hearts is vital. Make it easy with a Bible Memory Sheet for each section. These verses are formatted to be copied and cut. No guilt - just choose one for your family focus verse for the section.

Grow your family's faith for less than 50¢ a day!

What is more valuable than kids who love Jesus? How much would you pay for a happy, peaceful family? For less than a cup of coffee a day, you can transform your family and draw them closer to Jesus. 

Hi! I'm Jyn!

I am the heart behind Faithful Motherhood. I have a Master of Divinity, almost 2 decades of ministry experience, and 2 decades as a pastor’s wife. My husband and I have watched so many children walk away from the faith.  We don’t want that for our children or for yours.  My main ministry now is homeschooling our 3 children and sharing my passion right here. Raising children of faith starts with God’s word, studying it for ourselves and as a family!

Stop hoping for family Bible study. Make it happen today with the Sibling Reset Bible Study.

Buy your study, download, and start today! Overcome all of the obstacles and draw your family closer around Jesus today!

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